Jacob deGrom was pretty damn good in the NLDS game 1

Jacob deGrom outpitched Clayton Kershaw in game 1 of the Dodgers/Mets NLDS on October 9.

Jacob deGrom fastball locations, Oct 9

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Henry Owens’ changeup

Henry Owens has been inconsistently effective this year, but his changeup remains a potent weapon.

Henry Owens changeup locations, 2015

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Rich Hill looks like an unexpected ace

Rich Hill’s career has been notable mainly for injuries, but his 2015 starts at the age of 35 have been very impressive.  His curve has been particularly excellent:

Rich Hill’s curve vs fastball

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Zack Greinke is ridiculously good

Zack Greinke can beat you with any one of 5 excellent pitches, and if he also wants to humiliate you he might throw you an eephus pitch too.

Zack Greinke and the eephus pitch (Sept 1, 2015)

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What’s Wrong With Junichi Tazawa?

A couple days after I asked What’s Wrong With Setup Man Junichi Tazawa?, the Red Sox announced that he would be shut down for the rest of the year due to overwork.

Junichi Tazawa fastball location, first vs. second half

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Wade Davis is a pretty good pitcher

Kansas City Royals Setup Man Wade Davis is having yet another superb year.

Wade Davis: Fastball vs cutter to right-handed batters

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Rick Porcello is getting better results

I looked at what’s happened to Rick Porcello’s pitches on his return from the DL (Red Sox Starter Rick Porcello Can Still Be Dominant)


Rick Porcello: Spin direction and pitch speed per game in 2015

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Koji Uehara flashback

Koji Uehara’s season is over with a line-drive comeback that broke his wrist.  I went back to his ridiculously dominant 2013 to re-live his strikeout of Prince Fielder in the ALCS Game 3 (Will the Injury to Red Sox Closer Koji Uehara Mean the End of His Dominance?).

Koji Uehara vs. Prince Fielder, Oct. 15/2013 (ALCS Game 3)


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Eduardo Rodriguez’s first and second starts

I wrote a summary of Eduardo Rodriguez’s first major-league start at Eduardo Rodriguez Dominated in His First Start.

Eduardo Rodriguez, 5-28-15

I didn’t write a summary of his second start, but here are a couple of charts that show it:

Eduardo Rodriguez, 6-3-15 (Second start)

Eduardo Rodriguez four-seam fastball, 6-3-15 (Second start)

Eduardo Rodriguez changeup, 6-3-15 (Second start)

Eduardo Rodriguez slider, 6-3-15 (Second start)

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Tazawa – effective under the radar

I wrote an article about the Red Sox setup man: Junichi Tarawa – The Forgotten Man.

Tazawa’s pitches

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