Missed ball/strike calls in the ALDS

Umpire Vic Carapazza had a pretty bad day at the office when he umpired the Toronto Blue Jays/Texas Rangers ALDS game on October 9.

Called balls (blue) and strikes (red) for Oct 9

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The expanding strike zone in 2015

The strike zone in 2015 is continuing to expand, though not as dramatically as it did between 2013-2014.  I wrote about it at Has the Strike Zone Expanded?

The strike zone in 2015 compared to 2014

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Updating the strike zone

I wrote an update on “The Strike Zone in 2015” at sonsofsamhorn.com.

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“Poor umpire performances” on SoSH.com

My article identifying the best and worst umpires at calling strikes is up at sonsofsamhorn.com.

Chris Segal, 2014: Fewest missed calls

Doug Eddings, 2008: Most missed calls


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