Koji Uehara flashback

Koji Uehara’s season is over with a line-drive comeback that broke his wrist.  I went back to his ridiculously dominant 2013 to re-live his strikeout of Prince Fielder in the ALCS Game 3 (Will the Injury to Red Sox Closer Koji Uehara Mean the End of His Dominance?).

Koji Uehara vs. Prince Fielder, Oct. 15/2013 (ALCS Game 3)


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Runs scored/allowed per inning

I’ve been looking at the distribution of runs scored and allowed per inning for the Red Sox and for all (or AL and NL) teams.  (See also: Has the Evolution of Bullpens Made Grinding Out At-Bats Less Effective?) My hypothesis was that the early-2000s Sox would score a relatively high percentage of their runs in the middle innings, while the modern (futile) Sox would not.  I don’t really see that, and no obvious patterns related to success or the lack thereof are jumping out at me.

I downloaded data from baseball-refererence.com (as well as analyzing equivalent date from retrosheet.org and from PITCHf/x data).  Numbers are percent of total runs, per inning, normalized to the same number of innings (thus reducing the problem of rainouts, not to mention that in about half the games the home team doesn’t bat in the 9th).  Blue represents all AL teams, red is the Red Sox.  The vertical arrows show the years in which the Sox won World Series.  Conversely, they have been very poor teams in 2012, 2014, and 2015, but I don’t see obvious differences in the scoring distributions.  Each chart shows one inning (innings 1-3 on the top row, 4-6 on the middle, and 7-9 at the bottom).

Red Sox runs scored per inning as a percent of total runs

Red Sox runs scored per inning as a percent of total runs

Red Sox runs allowed per inning as a percent of total runs

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Eduardo Rodriguez’s first and second starts

I wrote a summary of Eduardo Rodriguez’s first major-league start at Eduardo Rodriguez Dominated in His First Start.

Eduardo Rodriguez, 5-28-15

I didn’t write a summary of his second start, but here are a couple of charts that show it:

Eduardo Rodriguez, 6-3-15 (Second start)

Eduardo Rodriguez four-seam fastball, 6-3-15 (Second start)

Eduardo Rodriguez changeup, 6-3-15 (Second start)

Eduardo Rodriguez slider, 6-3-15 (Second start)

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Tazawa – effective under the radar

I wrote an article about the Red Sox setup man: Junichi Tarawa – The Forgotten Man.

Tazawa’s pitches

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Steven Wright’s knuckleball

Steven Wright made his first major-league start of 2015 on May 17.  I analyzed his start on sonsofsamhorn.com.

Steven Wright’s knuckleball

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Clay Buchholz and men on base

Over at sonsofsamhorn.com, I looked at what (if anything) happens to Clay Buchholz’s pitches when men are on base.

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Updating the strike zone

I wrote an update on “The Strike Zone in 2015” at sonsofsamhorn.com.

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“Clay Buchholz New Old Changeup” on Sonsofsamhorn.com

My article on Clay Buchholz’ changeup at sonsofsamhorn.com.

Clay Buchholz’ new old changeup

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