A few weeks ago, when I posted about the identification of a new E1 enzyme,1 suicyte drew my attention to another paper on the same enzyme, in J Biol Chem, from Groettrup’s group. At the time that paper was online but not officially published; as of now it’s officially out.2Just as a couple of notes:3

  • suicyte implied that the Groettrup group beat Jin et al to publication — in fact the Jin et al paper was accepted first (Received 27 February 2007; Accepted 1 May 2007; Pelzer et al was Received June 4, 2007, accepted June 18, 2007).
  • Suicyte also commented that “what I like about the JBC paper is that they keep the original name UBE1L2 for the gene instead of inventing a new one”. The author of the Nature paper (where they call it Uba6) explained to me that they had already talked about the gene at conferences before the name “UBE1L2” was assigned, and so they decided to keep the name they had already talked about and (I believe) published in conference proceedings. The whole priority thing gets kind of messy under these circumstances.

  1. Dual E1 activation systems for ubiquitin differentially regulate E2 enzyme charging. Jianping Jin, Xue Li, Steven P. Gygi & J. Wade Harper. Nature 447, 1135-1138 (28 June 2007) []
  2. UBE1L2, a Novel E1 Enzyme Specific for Ubiquitin. Christiane Pelzer, Ingrid Kassner, Konstantin Matentzoglu, Rajesh K. Singh, Hans-Peter Wollscheid, Martin Scheffner, Gunter Schmidtke, and Marcus Groettrup. J. Biol. Chem., Vol. 282, Issue 32, 23010-23014, August 10, 2007[]
  3. Minor points, perhaps, but since they’re already on the blog it’s worth clarification[]