I develop XPlasMap on my Macbook Pro, which is running MacOS10.5.4, and so it’s kind of a pain making sure it will run properly on PowerPC machines and machines running OS10.4.  (I gave up supporting 10.3 a while ago, because that was even more work.)  We do have a PowerPC machine running 10.4, but I gave it to my wife and kids; so to get XPlasMap running universally I have to find a sliver of time when the PowerBook isn’t being used.  

I found an hour this morning and got all the modules1 and so on upgraded to the proper versions, and after another 15 minutes got XPlasMap running on the machine.  Unfortunately there seem to be a couple of bugs that are specific for either 10.4, or PowerPC (arrows can’t be dragged, for some reason) and before I could trouble-shoot, my wife kicked me off the machine.  (Does this happen to Steve Jobs?)

The good news, such as it is, is that XPlasMap seems to be working fine on my own machine.  So if you’re running OS10.5 on an Intel machine, and want to take a look at a new but beta and potentially buggy version of XPlasMap, try downloading version 0.99 from here.  Bug reports, comments, feature requests, complaints, suggestions, all gladly accepted.  Also, if it’s not immediately obvious how something works, let me know so I can make sure it’s documented.

This is a temporary link, so if you’re reading this in the future (say, after Sept 8/08) there’s no guarantee that there will be anything there.

  1. Upgraded Python to 2.5;
    wxPython to 2.8.8;
    BioPython to 1.4.7, I think it is;
    mxBaseTools to 3.something;
    installed Numeric, even though it’s out of date, because BioPython needs it;
    and installed ElementTree even though most of it is in Python2.5 because I need XMLWriter[]