XPlasMap iconFinally managed to get XPlasMap 0.99 running on MacOS10.4/PowerPC, as well as MacOC10.5/Intel.  My wife went out to the movies, so after I had popcorn with the kids, and played Scrabble Junior, and a game of chess, and discussed the Dropkick Murphys and spiders and batman and Jon Papelbon and other essential snippets of 21st-century wisdom, and put the kids to bed; after that I was able to get on to the Powerbook and (interrupted by three emails with data from my grad student, who was feeling justifiably triumphant after a very productive week) re-install all the appropriate modules (including a minor-release downgrade of wxPython, since the latest has a weird bug I didn’t want to track down) — and with a bit of tweaking and adjustment, I think XPlasMap is now running more or less correctly on both platforms.  

I will probably announce it some time next week.  If you want a sneak preview, try here.