Herpes simplex XPlasMap mapXPlasMap 0.99 is out; download it here.  A partial list of new features and changes:

New features

  • Auto-positioning for enzymes and gene text 
  •  Import from EMBOSS 
  • Ovals, rectangles, and arrows for annotations 
  • Convert restriction sites to MCS/MCS to restriction sites 
  • Change feature fonts on an individual basis 
  •  Insert, copy, and cut fragments by restriction site 
  • Export to plain text 
  • Import circular DNA from GenBank correctly
  • Plasmid name and description are moveable 


  • Determine PNG and JPG resolution at export
  • Checkbox to identify ORFs in Genbank during import 
  • Change “Insert fragment” shortcut from “?I” to “?V” 
  • Change “Edit plasmid info” shortcut to “?I” 
  •  “Info” icon in toolbar to edit plasmid info 

Many bugfixes

If you downloaded version 0.99 when I mentioned it earlier here, please get the new version anyway; I made a couple minor bugfixes in the meantime.

I’ve tested it on several computers, including Intel and PowerPC, MacOS4 and MacOS5, but there are some combinations of those I haven’t been able to test.  Hopefully there are no configuration-dependent bugs.