MosquitoFrom MSNBC:

“Bill Gates just released mosquitos into the audience at TED and said, ‘Not only poor people should experience this.'”

That was the post by Facebook’s Senior Platform Manager Dave Morin on social networking site Twitter.

The event took place at the TED2009 (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference on Wednesday in Long Beach, Calif., where the Microsoft chairman was delivering a presentation about malaria education and eradication. Malaria is transmitted from person to person via mosquito bites.

The mosquito incident was confirmed by the media office of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which also noted that the insects released were not carrying malaria. 

Alternate titles:
“It’s a feature, not a bug”
“A patch for Yellow Fever and Dengue will be released with Service Pack 3”

(With thanks to Len Berlind)