Philosophy of Death
The Philosophy of Death
John Reid (MDCCCXLL) 

What did people die of, before vaccination?

Below is a page from the Journal of the Statistical Society of London, from 1850, showing causes of death in the Metropolis from 1848-1850. For your convenience, I’ve made a chart of the infectious causes.   Some of these diseases (cholera, typhus) have been mainly eliminated by hygiene; a few (scarlatina – Scarlet Fever) by antibiotics; some (influenza) are still scourges, though not nearly as serious; and many, including most of the major killers of 1850, are history — or would have been history, if not for the valiant efforts of the anti-vaccine loons, who are trying to bring us back to the good old days when children routinely died of whooping cough, measles, and smallpox.  

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Mortality of the Metropolis Mortality in the Metropolis - chart
Journal of the Statistical Society of Landon, Vol. XII
London: John William Parker, 445, West Strand 1850
Selected infectious Diseases, 1848-1850