This is your monkeypox infection
with an adaptive immune response:
This is your monkeypox infection
without an adaptive immune response:
Monkeypox in WT mice Monkeypox in SCID mice

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Osorio, J., Iams, K., Meteyer, C., & Rocke, T. (2009). Comparison of Monkeypox Viruses Pathogenesis in Mice by In Vivo Imaging PLoS ONE, 4 (8) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0006592
Wild-type (immune-competent) mice (left) or SCID mice (no B or T cell response) were infected with monkeypox virus expressing luciferase. Mice on the left were uninfected controls.  The colors show the presence of monkeypox virus in the mice, with intensity (redder) representing more virus.  The SCID mice died on day 9, while the normal mice cleared the infection.)