Apple’s iWorks ’06 package was interesting, but ended up being too simplified to really compete with MS Office.  But iWorks ’09 was a big step forward, and I now use Pages for almost all my word processing, and Numbers for about 75% of my spreadsheets.  (I still use Powerpoint for most of my slideshows; I don’t find any compelling reason to use Keynote instead, and Powerpoint does have some distinct advantages.)

“Numbers” looks fairly similar to Excel — they are both spreadsheet programs, so there’s only so many ways of usefully presenting information there — but the editing and so on can be quite different from Excel, which can be frustrating if you’re coming from an Excel background.  Rosie Redfield was just complaining about the non-intuitiveness of Numbers.  I don’t think it’s non-intuitive, just different from Excel.

So I put together a couple quick screencasts of making a line graph and a scatter plot, in the hope it would give a starting point for people new to Numbers.  (Flash movies, 7.8 and 5 MB respectively.  No sound, because my kids are still asleep.)  I’ve never tried this before, but hopefully they’ll work.