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I've written a few small programs for my own use. If you find them useful, they're freely available.

Problems, comments, or suggestions? My email address is iayork, and I'm at iayork.com.

Obsolete and no longer available

I make no promises or warranties of any kind. They work for me, and I haven't heard of any problems from others who have tried them, but I won't guarantee that they will work for you. Use at your own risk.


Plasmid maps for MacOSX.

XPlasMap draws plasmid or genomic maps, showing features such as genes, promoters, multiple cloning sites, and restriction enzymes. The maps are fairly customizable, and can be generated directly from GenBank, FastA, or text sequence files as well as de novo.

XPlasMap requires MacOS10.5 or newer. (Older OSes may work, or I may have old versions of XPlasMap around that work with them, if you're desperate.)

XPlasMap is free (as in no cost) and can be redistributed as a complete package. I make no guarantees or warranties of any kind.

More info/Download

User's Guide

Translate.wdgt (Download here)

DNA/Protein conversions

Manipulates DNA or protein sequences.
  • Translate DNA to protein, 3 frames
  • Reverse translate protein to DNA, using human-optimized codons
  • Format (60 characters per line in groups of 10, numbered at line breaks)
  • Scramble
  • Make antiparallel (complementary) strand
Input is taken from the clipboard (copy the sequence, there's no need to paste it into the Widget).
Output is put back on the clipboard to be pasted as you want.

Obsolete and no longer available


Quick reminders in 'X' minutes (Requires Growl)

There are several countdown and stopwatch widgets out there, but none did exactly what I wanted. This takes short messages and floats reminders after a certain number of minutes. Requires Growl -- specifically, growlnotify.

Savage Plasmids

Web-based plasmid maps; view on web browser, or download printable version