XPlasMap downloads & release notes

Download XPlasMap 0.99 (beta) (16.1 MB; PDF users' guide included)

XPlasMap 0.99 requires MacOS10.4 - 10.6, Intel or PowerPC.

An older, cruder beta of XPlasMap (v 0.92) that runs on MacOS10.3 is also available here if you're desperate.

Release notes

Version 0.99 (Sept 2008)

  • Ovals, rectangles, and arrows for annotations
  • Auto-positioning for enzymes and gene text
  • Import from EMBOSS
  • Convert restriction sites to MCS/MCS to restriction sites
  • Change feature fonts on an individual basis
  • Insert, copy, and cut fragments by restriction site
  • Export to plain text
  • Import circular DNA from GenBank correctly
  • Plasmid name and description are moveable
  • Determine PNG and JPG resolution at export
  • Checkbox to identify ORFs in Genbank during import
  • Change "Insert fragment" shortcut from "⌘I" to "⌘V"
  • Change "Edit plasmid info" shortcut to "⌘I"
  • "Info" icon in toolbar to edit plasmid info
Many bugfixes


Version 0.96 (Oct 2007)

  • Assorted other bugfixes and UI improvements
  • Add comments and free-form text
  • "Plasmid comment" is now free-form text (can be moved and edited)
  • (Preference option) Common actions on a toolbar
  • Improved print resolution
  • Clear Recent Files bug - fixed
  • JPG and PNG exports use a large canvas with image only in one corner - fixed
  • Copying in reverse doesn't reverse fragment - fixed
  • Error on copying in reverse - fixed
  • Print resolution too low - fixed
  • Font preferences are not being honored - fixed
  • Going from linear to circular, genes disappear - fixed
  • Contextual menus not responding - fixed
  • Show/Hide enzyme lost after save - fixed
  • Genes with no name disrupt drawing - fixed
  • Freeze in Cut Plasmid - fixed
  • Hiccup if no Preference file - fixed
  • Assorted other bugfixes and UI improvements


Version 0.95 (July 2007)

• Automatic restriction enzyme mapping
• Automatic open reading frame identification
• Adjust resolution of exported PNG or JPG
• Scale adjust (Zoom in and out)
• Assorted bugfixes and UI improvements


Version 0.9 (June 2007)

• Printing!
• Export to PNG or JPG
• Draw maps directly from GenBank or FastA files
• Genome maps showing exons
• Assorted bugfixes and UI improvements


Version 0.8 (May 2007)

• Linear DNA maps
• Convert between linear and circular DNA maps
• Copy, save, and paste fragments from one map to another ("virtual cloning")
• Assorted bugfixes and UI improvements
• OS10.3.9-compatible version available


Version 0.7 (April 2007)

• New formats for multiple cloning sites: boxed or text as well as arc
• New formats for genes: Reposition arcs, change thickness
• Assorted bugfixes and UI improvements


Version 0.6 (March 2007)

• First general release